Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The Liebster Award

I was first confused when I saw these post popping up in my feed, but looking into it the award seems like an amazing opportunity for smaller bloggers to get known in the world of blogging and feel supported in the internet community. I was so grateful when the lovely Jessica from Girlycopyright nominated me, so many thanks again!

There are a few basic rules that go with this award... 

- Make sure to include the person that nominated you
- Answer the 11 questions asked by the person who nominated you
- Nominate 11 other bloggers who have less than 200 followers (make sure you let them know)
- Create a new set of 11 questions that your nominees can answer

My nominees include:

My questions from Jessica:

1. What made you want to start blogging?
I wanted to get out of my comfort zone really. I have been watching and reading all kinds of blogs for many years and I was inspired to become apart of that community. As I have grown older I have lost many of my hobbies, so I thought that attempting to blog would be such a fun and personal one to start.

2. What is your favourite meal?
Now this one is hard, I think i'll have to cheat and say that I love so many different types of food. Currently i'm loving mexican, italian, indian, thai and greek food, not to mention I enjoy a good pub lunch.

3. What is your go to beauty product?
I'll have to stay something involving lips, whether that be a stain, stick, gloss or balm. I think that my face just looks more alive and fresh when I have a coat of gloss or colour on my lips.

4. Where was the last place you went on holiday too?
I went on a little trip to the Gold Coast in Queensland with a few of my best friends for New Years Eve. I had the best time ever chilling, eating and partying with these beautiful girls. Not to mention I now have many memories with these girls, whether they be hilarious or cringeworthy.

5. Do you prefer watching something at home or going to the cinema to see it?
With out a doubt I love watching movies at home. There is something about the cinema that gives me the creeps. And there is nothing like snuggling up in your own house watching a movie with no distractions.

6. What is your favourite moto?
I try and live by the saying that my dad taught me when I was a little girl, "Treat others the way you would want to be treated". So basic yet so rewarding.

7. Do you have any pets?
No I don't, when I move out I want to get a bunny rabbit. I just can't deal with their cuteness.

8. What is your favourite song at the moment?
Probably would have to be Iggy Azalea's "Work". Love that song.. so much sass.

9. iPhone/ Android/ Blackberry?
As much as it annoys me, iPhone. Just because it is pretty easy to use and I can connect it to my beloved Mac.

10. Where is your favourite place in the entire world?
Thailand! I have so many beautiful memories from that amazing country. The few times I have visited there I feel like I learnt so many lessons and shared different experiences.

11. If you stay in on a Friday night, what would you like to do? 
Have a little dinner party with my friends. We would cook together or for one another and just basically have a good ole' fashion feast.

All right now it's my nominees turn:
1. Was there any blogger who inspired you to start blogging?
2. If you could only put five makeup products on for the rest of your life what would they be?
3. Where is one place that you want to travel to?
4. Doesn't matter how far fetched it is, what is one life plan that you would want to achieve?
5. Who is someone that you look up to?
6. Describe yourself in five words?
7. If you had infinite money, what would your perfect day look like?
8. Where is your favourite place in the world?
9. What do you do to relax?
10. What are some of your favourite activities to do?
11. What is your favourite perfume?

Thank you all for joining in on the fun, and a special thanks to Jessica for nominating me

M xoxo


  1. Thanks so much for the tag! I think my go to product is also lippy, such a great way to brighten up a look x

  2. Congrats on the award!!! Nice blog :)