Wednesday, 4 December 2013

MUA Collection Review

I first got onto MUA cosmetics through reading Mel from misstango2's reviews and ever since have been infatuated with the affordable prices and the brilliant shades. Personally, I order these products on the MUA website with just under $15 postage, so order big or with a friend.

I have put in prices from when this post was written in AUD, but they always have sales and currency rates change.

So lets get into my collection...

Pressed Powder in Shade 2 ($1.80)
This is just an everyday pressed powder nothing special about it, but ideal to put into your bag for touch ups throughout the day. I use this to set my foundation as the coverage alone would not be enough for my liking.

Powder Blusher in Shade 2 ($1.80)
A beautifully pigmented pink coral shade. I find that this colour is perfect for spring and summer as it adds a catching colour and glow to your cheeks.

Love Heart Lip Balm in Kiss Me ($1.80)

A moisturising glossy lip balm that leaves a ever so slight red tint to your lips. The lip balm has that typical vanilla smell (which I love).

Pressed Powder, Blush, Lip Balm

3 in 1 Extreme Contour Liner in Smoked Plum ($2.70)
A muted dark plum colour that looks very subtle yet put together on the lower lash line instead on brown or black eyeliner. I'm not sure how it is a '3 in 1' product, but anyway it is still a great product that can be easily blended. However, I would say that it doesn't have the best staying power and can fad throughout the day.

Intense Glitter Eyeliner in Gold Nugget ($1.80)
The product is creamy and easy to apply. I have been using it on the bottom of my lash line or inner tear duct for a christmas spice up. This shade is on the rose side of gold which is so unique. 

Fashion Secret: Gel Eyeliner in 24- 7 Style ($2.70)
This is such a crazy shade to me! It is black with green shimmer to it. So different and looks flattering on the eye. I'm so excited to experiment more with this shade. The product it self is creamy and does not tug on the eyelid.

Fashion Secret: Gel Eyeliner in Dress Up Chic ($2.70)
A true gold shimmery shade. Its consistency is also creamy and does not tug on the eyelid at all.

Smoked Plum, Gold Nugget,

Single Eyeshadow in Shade 13 ($1.80)
A dark plum shade with a pearl finish. I would most definitely prime your eyelids before using these shades. But they do however, have great staying power for the price.

Single Eyeshadow in Shade 10 (1.80)
Another pearl finish, this shade is a gorgeous dark navy colour that looks amazing in your typical smokey eye.

Single Eyeshadow in Shade 12 (1.80)
This is such an unusual shade. Its like a shimmery copper that in different lights is olive green! 

Shade 13, Shade 10, Shade 12

Eyeshadow Palette: Dusk til Dawn ($7.19)
This really is a dusk til dawn product! Most of the shade compliment each other beautifully. And so many different looks (day or night) could be created using this palette. This is a product that I would take travelling as it has so many different day or night looks included. Just like the single eyeshadows they are so pigmented however, a primer would be needed to keep the little suckers from moving. And even then the shades may fade.

The palette includes shades that can highlight to be used to add 'smoke' to the lid. There are rose golds, bright golds, bright turquoise, dark blues, taupes and many more. They are all on the shimmery to pearl side.

So thats my collection, are there any products that you recommend me checking out from MUA cosmetics?

xoxo M

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