Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Bronzed and Ready...

So as Australia is heading into those hot summer days and night, it is time to get prepared to bare your skin! I have gathered my favourite products that give me a beautiful summer glow, without resulting in all of the nasties that the sun provide.

Firstly, here are a few of my tips to prevent all of the streaking and orangeness that may come with self tanning:
1. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! Especially before applying the fake tan. I also do this continually through out the tan so that it fades in a natural way.

2. Moisturise is the key for your tan to look fresh.

3. Don't miss your feet or hands.. it looks tacky, so I just lightly apply a bit of the self tan to the tops of my feet and hands.

4. Wash the palms of your hands after to hide the evidence of self tanning.

5. Don't apply fake tan just after shaving or waxing, I don't know if its just me but it does not react well.

Le Tan, Fast Tan Lotion in Bronze
I find that this is the easiest self tanner to use. I just grab a little of the lotion and massage into wherever is needed. I recommend doing this in sections, for example, your calf then your thigh etc. as it does dry fast. What I like about this compare to the spray tanners is that this lotion formula is not as drying and you have more leeway to massage it into the skin.

Dove, Summer Glow in Normal to Dark
I use this moisturising lotion throughout the week whenever I can't be bothered to focus self tanning. It is super easy to manage as this was my first self tanning product before I felt my confident to try the 'full strength' ones. I'd say for my skin tone, after two or tree applications of this product it forms the perfect tan.

Le Tan, Flawless Legs in deep bronze
This rarely comes out of my beauty cabinet but when it does I am great for its existence. Basically its a spray form of foundation/bronzer for your legs. I'll apply this for special occasions to get a flawless glow to my skin. I was worried when I first tried this product that it would rub off throughout the night. But trust me it does not budge. I have gone out in a massive rain storm, into a hot club, then into bed to wake up in the morning with perfect legs. To remove wash your skin with soap and warm water. 

Also all of these self tanners never have left residue on my white sheets.

Rimmel, Natural Bronzer in 022 Sun Bronze
Without a doubt this is my favourite bronzer! I wear it all throughout the year everyday, and it lasts for ever. This product gives your skin dimension and glow without being too shimmery as it is a matte bronzer. I apply this to my checks, temples, forehead, collarbone, chest and d├ęcolletage for a complete subtle glow.


With western societies obsession with tanned, glowing skin people take this to drastic measures either sun baking or burning themselves. Obviously we are all going to have those days where we get a little to burnt for our liking. But when this happens too frequently its not a good look in my opinion. If the harsh reality of skin cancer does not motivate you to be sun aware. Just be aware that sun ages humans like crazy. For these reasons I get in the habit of applying suncream everyday to my body and face. Any SPF 30+ is perfect but these are a couple of my favourite.

Hope you all have a fab summer of relaxing and spending time with the people you love.

xoxo M

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