Saturday, 30 November 2013

Christmas Idea: Yoga Eye Pillow

As we are coming into December I have decided to do a few DIY projects that can be given as gifts or just something fun to make for yourself.

Even though these eye pillows are made for yoga I have decided to whip one up for my mum as a christmas present, as she suffers from extreme headaches. I thought that a yoga eye pillow would be a great way for her to de- stress and relax after a big day.

There are so many patterns online that you can use. I chose to use Hanri from yogahounds' pattern and changed it up a bit. The link to that blog is below and a recommend checking it out further;

I used a sewing machine to create this pillow, even though I recommend using one you can definitely hand sew it. Also this project can be easily modified to suit anyone, for example making the fabric measurement smaller/ bigger and using desired amount of essential oil.  

What you'll need...

2 cups of linseeds
Lavender essential oil (or whatever essential oil best calms you)
25cm x 25cm cotton fabric (I used calico)
55cm x 14 cm nice fabric (I recommend cotton)

1. Grab the cotton fabric and fold in half length ways. Sew along the top and one of the sides. Turn inside out.

2. Mix linseeds and a few drops of essential oil together in a bowl. Add more oil if desired (I got carried away and made it quite strong)

3. Pour the mix into the cotton fabric pouch that you made. Sew along the final side to secure the linseeds.

4. Place your nice fabric right side down and fold over both sides about 1 cm and sew.

5. Pop the linseed bag on top of the piece of fabric which is right side down and fold over the bag. Pin the both top and bottom seams. Then sew.

6. Turn the pillow case inside out.

7. There will now be a little hole for the bag to be placed into.


*You can add buttons or decorative stitching if you wish. I decided to keep mine plain.*

Now you have this fabulous eye pillow that will sooth and calm yourself.

xoxo M

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