Thursday, 28 November 2013

In The Light

Stilas' "In The Light" palette is without a doubt one of my to go to palettes and has been for many months now. These beautiful eyeshadows can be used to create so many neutral looks, from everyday basic to an enticing smokey eye.

The palette comes with 10 individual 14g shades and a smudge stick waterproof eye liner. Recently when exploring the shops I saw that this palette cost well into $60 in the land of OZ but I picked this up for a fraction of the price on good old ebay.

As you can see 'bliss' is one of my favourites

In my opinion most of the eyeshadows can be used together to create a complimenting look for all skin tones. If I don't want to think to much about my look for the day I will find myself automatically reaching for this and popping a lighter shade all over my lid, followed by a darker shade in the outer corner of my eye. My favourite combo is bubbly, bliss and then gilded gold together.

The eyeliner included is soft, easy to smudge and had great staying power that I had to purchase it in other shades.

These shades do not crease through out the day or night. They do however, fade over many hours even when I use a primer. But in saying that I have really 'oily' eyelids (that sounds so gross).

Damsel (smudge stick eyeliner) - Matte dark brown, compliments all of the shades in this palette. Looks great smudged in on the upper lash line.
Bare - Matte cream, I use all over the eye to allow the eyeshadow to apply more evenly.
Kitten - Silver toned shimmer.
Bliss - Matte soft brown to pink.
Sunset - Shimmery cooper toned.
Sandstone - Semi- matte dark brown.
Bubbly - Warm gold toned shimmer.
Gilded Gold - Warm dark brown with a gold shimmer.
Luster - Cool dark brown with a gold shimmer.
Night Sky - Blue/ grey with shimmer.
Ebony - Matte black.

I personally think that this palette could be improved through its packing, the mix of cardboard and weak magnets to hold close does not accommodate for those wishing to travel with this magical palette. Also my most used shade 'bliss' is not available singly which is a bit disappointing.

What do you think of this palette? Do you know any good dupes or replacements for my beloved 'bliss'?

xoxo M

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