Tuesday, 10 December 2013

DIY: Calming Body Balm

Lately I have become really interested in making my own beauty products. So through browsing pinterest and google I have found some really good recipes and adapted them to my liking.

This creation is a soothing and calming body balm. With lavender properties it soothes me when i'm feeling stressed and is packed with moisturisers for smooth and glowing skin.

What you'll need:
23g of coconut oil
16ml of olive oil
7.5g of beeswax
Desired amount of lavender essential oil

How to?
1. Melt the beeswax, coconut  oil and olive oil together in a double burner (boiling water in a pot and a heat safe bowl on top not touching the water).

2. Once all ingredients are melted take off the stove and add the essential oil.

3. Pour into the tin and allow for time to set. 

It is seriously that easy, the only difficult part was cleaning the wax off utensils etc. which can be easily done with hot water.

What beauty creations do you like making?

xoxo M

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