Thursday, 13 February 2014

Maybelline Master Smoky Review

During a recent trip to Priceline I decided to pick up this eyeliner for the reason that I have really enjoyed the eyestudio line by Maybelline. And I must say this did not disappoint.

The eyeliner comes with a sponge that can be used for smudging, this is because it is marketed as a product that can help you create that perfect smoky eye. Then there is the retractable eyeliner on the other side, which is helpful as you do not need to sharpen it regularly. 

So far I really enjoy using this product, it is extremely soft to apply and easy to smudge if desired, however, after a while I found that it set. This meant that it stayed in place during my busy day and did not run down my face (which is always a bonus).

Colour wise I chose smoky charcoal which to me is a dulled down black with almost hints of navy in it. I really like this colour as I have been applying it to my upper lash line and a tiny bit on the outer lower lash line then smudging it out for an everyday look.

Top: Smoothly Applied, Bottom: Smudged Out Slightly

So what are some of your favourite Maybelline eyestudio products?

M xoxo


  1. I haven't tried many Maybelline eye products other than their mascaras and colour tattoos. I'll have to take a look at their liners.
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  2. I need to give this a try since I've been looking for a nice grey/charcoal eyeliner for ages!

    Yet Another Makeup Blog.